Teilnehmer Spanischunterricht

Dear Bolivia Blog readers

We’ve been busy learning Spanish for almost five months now, and you’re about to read how it’s going and what progress we’ve made.

The teacher, Sosleydis Stocker, is full of praise, “The students are doing their best to make as much progress as possible in the short time available.”

For example, students have learned how to introduce themselves, ask for directions and order in a restaurant. All these things are important for communicating during the one-week stay in Bolivia.

Teilnehmer SpanischunterrichtTeilnehmer Spanischunterricht


Several of the apprentices have exams currently, and Sosleydis is trying to make it as easy as possible for her students. “I try to have people do the written exercises during the lessons as often as I can, so that students have as little homework as possible. It’s important for me that they stay motivated, and not suffer from the double load.”

Janine, Sreileak and Yves already feel well prepared: they all like the language and want to keep on with it to further improve their knowledge.

Bild Janine Bruetsch

“What I like best is that we aren’t just practicing the grammar but learning to speak the language in scenarios.

Bild Sreileak Wendland

“I think we’ve made good progress. I love the language”

Bild Yves Ackermann

It would be good to learn some idioms before we go to Bolivia. Although I think that if people speak slowly I can understand a lot already.”


Sosleydis Stocker

Sosleydis agrees with them:

“I’m very happy with my students. They’re doing very well.”

We’re looking forward to using our Spanish at last! And it’ll soon be time…



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