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Only four weeks to go until our 16 apprentices set off for Bolivia for their exciting development project week. This is the first time, by the way, that a group has undertaken this kind of international trip on behalf of GF. The 16 young people are going to Bolivia to, among others, assist with projects run by the charity organization Caritas, which is supported by GF’s Clean Water Foundation. The Board of Trustees of the Clean Water Foundation came up with the idea for this great project to coincide with the centenary of vocational training at GF.

Currently 200 apprentices in eight professions at GF

Vocational training has been a fixture of GF’s philosophy since 1918. The training of apprentices was institutionalized exactly 100 years ago with the establishment of a dedicated in-house training facility. GF is currently training 200 apprentices in eight different professions throughout Switzerland – including about 80 in Schaffhausen alone, in partnership with Wibilea AG, the training center in the region. Wibilea is responsible for recruitment, basic training and close communication with the vocational colleges. GF offers training in a total of eight skilled trades and professions. The cooperative basic vocational training course offers solid training on the basics and in-depth insights into practical work, and provides apprentices with the best possible training for their professional lives.


Ramon Grutschnig

„What I like most is that as an apprentice I am given a great deal of responsibility. Thus I feel very well prepared for my professional future. Moreover, I really value the exchange with the other apprentices in the company. “



Lea Tahovsky

„As GF is a global corporation, you get to work with colleagues from all over the world. This is definitely one of the things that I like most about my apprenticeship. In addition, we are able to change department quite often and therefore we get insights into many different business units.”


In addition to vocational training and workshops for apprentices, GF also offers career orientation internships and taster courses. As well as providing basic training, GF supports the internal and/or external professional development of its employees in order to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience. The company also supports CPE and management training for vocational trainers.

GF’s many years of unwavering commitment to vocational training recognized

In recognition of training over 5’000 apprentices in 14 different professions over the past few decades at the Schaffhausen site alone, the company received the Prix Vision Spezial award in June 2018. Each year, Prix Vision recognizes outstanding service and commitment in the area of vocational training in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen. This year, the foundation’s special award, the Prix Vision Spezial, went to GF’s Vocational Training Commission for its long service in professional training and education in Schaffhausen. In the judging panel’s own words, the award was given in recognition of an industrial company that has shown unwavering commitment to vocational training in the region.

Click here to find out more about training at GF and watch videos on the eight professions for which training is offered.


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