Who's going to Bolivia?

Taking part are a total of 16 apprentices in seven different fields from the GF site in Schaffhausen. They will be accompanied by: Roland Gröbli (Executive Director of the Clean Water Foundation/General Secretary at GF), Marco Bächtold (operative Head of Commissioning and Goods Issue at GFPS), René Feser (training center at Wibilea AG), Anna-Lisa Veljkovic (communications department at GFAG) and Anna Oetinger (sustainability department at GFAG). In Bolivia they will be supported by Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Bolivia.

What will the participants do in Bolivia?

The group will visit villages both with and without a drinking water supply and will mostly sleep in the only big town in a vast mountain valley. Together with local pupils, the apprentices will help give the village square a colorful makeover. On the group’s only free day, they will visit the archaeologically significant ruins of Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca together with young people from an emergency overnight accommodation. After that, they will help to repaint the common rooms in the overnight accommodation. Some creativity is also called for here, so that the group can leave behind a permanent reminder of their visit in the form of graffiti or a neatly designed fountain. All the activities will take place in teamwork with local young people.

When does it start?

For this development project week sixteen young people aged between 17 and 23 will fly to La Paz in Bolivia between July 28 and August 5 2018 to meet other young people and to get to know their living conditions.

Where will the participants be in Bolivia?

1st day

  • Arrival

2nd day

  • Arrival in El Alto and overnight accommodation in La Paz

3rd day:

  • They visit villages with and without a drinking water supply and spend the night in Caracato
  • Volleyball game with the youngsters from the village

4th day

  • Participants help smarten up the village square (The student council helps)

5th day

  • They visit the archeological site at Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca (together with the ENDA night shelter)

6th day

  • Repainting the ENDA night shelters

7th day

  • In the morning they continue working at the night shelter. In the afternoon they visit the apprentice workshops (DEZA project)

8th day

  • Return journey to Zurich

Why do the apprentices go to Bolivia?

The development project week is an initiative of GF to mark 100 years of apprenticeship within the company, in collaboration with Wibilea AG and the aid organization Caritas Switzerland.

How do the participants prepare?

Sixteen apprentices from GF in Switzerland have signed up for the volunteering week, which Georg Fischer AG carries out with its partners Caritas Switzerland and Wibilea AG as a traditional trainer of apprentices. They are currently preparing for the trip by taking Spanish classes and learning about the culture, geography and history of the country. Because the group will spend most of their time at altitudes of up to 4’000 meters above sea level, a good level of fitness is required.

The group is reporting about their experiences both in the run-up to the trip and during the trip on the Bolivia blog and on the GF Social Media channels.