Students from GF, accompanied by adults from the company will spend a week carrying out various development projects in Bolivia aimed at improving the lives of local people. They will help with projects run by the Caritas aid organization, which is supported by the Clean Water Foundation. This foundation was launched by GF, and for the last 16 years it has been committed to supplying clean water to communities in developing countries.

Frau aus Bolivien

The Board of Trustees at Clean Water came up with the idea for this project, which is the first of its kind. The reason behind it was the 100-year anniversary of GF providing vocational education this year.

The project will go ahead in summer 2018. Taking part will be a total of 16 students doing apprenticeships in seven different fields from the GF site in Schaffhausen. They will be accompanied by: Roland Gröbli (Executive Director of the Clean Water Foundation/General Secretary at GF), Marco Bächtold (operative Head of Picking and Goods Issue at GFPS), René Feser (Head of Technical Occupations at the training center at Wibilea AG), Anna Veljkovic (Communications department at GFAG) und Anna Oetinger (Sustainability department at GFAG). In Bolivia they will be supported by Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Bolivia.

The project will be a test of the participants’ teamwork skills as well as their ability to empathize with the local people. Because the project will be carried out at 4’000 meters above sea level, it is also important for participants to be in good shape. The participants are looking forward to having some new and unusual experiences.

GF wishes all those taking part in the project a great time full of fantastic experiences!